"Lavi has a reason for living as a Bookman. I hope to draw about that reason someday. He’s a very positive and nice boy when he isn’t tied down by obligations.
I guess I really like him. In that sense, Lavi is closest to me. When I draw him, I feel like I could be close friends with him.”

                                                             - Hoshino Katsura talks about Lavi

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₀: *゚✲゚*:₀。 kaneki * shiro kaneki*oneshot kaneki*haise  I C O N S  ₀: *゚✲゚*:₀。 

(I don’t know why the hell with food … but I could not think otherwise sorry….)

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*kaneki became a ghoul, suffered, and got stabbed in the eyes by arima*

Me: kaneki did nothing wrong.

*haise got judged by another squad, got punched by akira for letting a ghoul live*

Me: haise did nothing wrong.